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Diesel Engine 12V26/32


Using marine diesel oil and heavy oil, the diesel engine 12V26/32 is primarily used for propulsion power on ships. It can be utilized as the main/auxiliary propulsion unit on ocean-going vessels, naval vessels, main/auxiliary propulsion unit on drilling platforms, semi-submersible drilling ships, offshore multi-purpose work ships, large and medium-sized industrial power plants, crude oil and product oil transfer and booster pump stations, compressors, and others.

Technological Advantages
Modularized common rail technology
The use of the world's most advanced high-pressure common-rail fuel system not only reduces the size of the camshaft and the cost of the engine greatly, but also improves the overall performance including the emission performance. The common rail system consists of two common-rail high pressure oil pumps, the high pressure oil tube, and fuel injector with accumulation chamber. The pressure of the system is 1800bar.

By-pass system
As single-stage ultra-high supercharging can not meet the intake requirement under partial-load conditions for ship drive, the diesel engine is designed with a signal collection system which can automatically control the bypass valve. Therefore, sufficient fresh air can be supplied, which makes the diesel engine better suited for marine propulsion.

reliable and high quality systems and products
Dual electronic control system
High supercharging technology
MPC exhaust air system, rate of supercharging: 3:9
Double-stage intercooling technology
Self-cleaning filtration technology
Piston with steel crown and nodular cast-iron skirt
Goetze piston ring
Double-layer alloy bearing liner
Crankcase oil mist detection

Technical Specifications

Type 4-stroke, water cooled, supercharged, intercooler, direct-injection
Number and arrangement of cylinders 12-cylinder, V type, 60°
Cylinder diameter×Stroke mm 260×320
Displacement of a single cylinder L 17
Compression ratio 16:1
Continuous power kW 4170
Continuous revolution r/min 1000
Min. operating speed (steady-state) r/min 350
Operating mode:
Continuous power
Specific fuel consumption g/kW.h ≤184+5%
Specific oil consumption g/kW.h ≤0.5
Mean effective pressure MPa 2.45
Mean speed of piston m/s 10.7
Exhaust gas temperature (after the turbo) ℃ 354
Smoke intensity FSU ≤0.5
Noise dB(A) ≤120
Emission The diesel engine meets IMO Tier Ⅰ or Tier Ⅱ standards.
Fuel system Common rail system
Type of fuel Light diesel oil
Direction of rotation Counterclockwise (face the flywheel end)
Cooling mode Forced cooling
Lubrication mode Pressure lubrication
Starting mode Air motor
Net weight (without flywheel) kg 29500
Overall size (l×b×h) mm 5830×2240×3355