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Installation with 8x 500kW Hi-H2 Generator sets for low Heat value gas (H2: 55% to 65%)

Technical Specification of type 500GFH Hi-H2 genset (H2 < 65%)

Generating set model 500GFH
Rated power 550 kW
Continuous power 500 kW
Rated Capacity 688 kVA
Engine model 8300
Generator model R8300-H5
Rated rpm (r/min) 500 rpm
Rated voltage (V) 230/400 V
Rated current (A) 900 A
Rated frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Steady-state voltage adjusting rate ±3%
Voltage fluctuation rate 1%
Transient-state voltage adjusting rate -15 ~ +20%
Recovery time (Sec) 2
Steady-state frequency adjusting rate 0~5% adjustable
Fuel system Port Injection
Fuel: Hi-H2 producer gas (%H2) <= 65% H2
Combustion Air System Natural Aspiration
Starting mode Pneumatic/electric
Total Weight (T) 24 Tons