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Z12V190BC Navy Engine (560 - 885Kw)

Features of Z190BC Navy Engine:
1.Build according to military / navy standards suitable for very rough and harsh environment
2. High efficiency and vey high reliability
3. Rated power: 560~885KW;
4. Net weight: 5300Kg.
5. Fuel consumption: ≤209 g/kW.h

This engine is developed specially for navy purpose.
Mostly used as generator set.
Suitable for very rough and harsh conditions

Technical Specification of Z12V190BC Marine Diesel Engine (Navy specs):
Item Data
model Z190BC
Type 4-stroke Direct injection, Turbocharger Intercooler
Cylinder arrangement V 60 Deg.
Cylinder nos. 12
Piston Displacement 71,45L
Rated Speed (RPM) 1450 1200 1000
Standby power (kW) 885 724 616
Contineous power (kW) 800 662 560
SFC (g/kWh)
Lub.o. consump. (g/kWh)
External Dimensions (mm)
2642 x 1588 x 2070
Net Weight (Kg)