Briefly about JDEC engines:

JDEC is one of the biggest engine producers in Asia, as a part of the giant company CNPC (China National Petroleum Corp.), JDEC has always had the means and facilities to pursue the highest international standards required by the modern world. In the start JDEC had a cooperation with American Waukasha. the new engines are however designed and developed in cooperation with AVL in Austria, an international recognized design and engineering company which has also designed the new engines for both MAN and Wartsila.

Further, as a licensor of German MAN and as a producer of MAN engines, the production facilities, and most important, The QC and material testing procedures guarantee a production and a product of international standard, and as you can see of the below logos, the highest quality of components are used, like Mahler pistons (Germany), Miba bearings (Austria) Woodward Electronic governors (USA) just to mention a few of the components.

Gas Engine 12V26/32


Our gas engine 26/32 is highly supercharged, high-power medium-speed engine with low consumption and high reliability. Our company has the 100% intellectual property right. We provide a variety of configurations for the gas engine including 6L26/32, 9L26/32, 12V26/32, and 16V26/32 types. with an output power of 233kW per cylinder,

The gas engine is applicable to projects of natural gas pipeline network, booster pump station, compressor station for the underground natural gas storage, and the marine. It can also meet the power requirement in large gas-fired power station, distributed energy system, and other energy saving and low-emission projects.

Technical Specifications

Type Four-stroke, water cooled, radial flow turbocharger, intake intercooled, precombustion chamber, multi-point injection, air-fuel ratio control
Number and arrangement of cylinders 12-cylinder, V type, 60° 16-cylinder, V type, 60°
Cylinder diameter×Stroke mm 260×320
Displacement of a single cylinder L 17
Compression ratio 11:1
Continuous power kW 2798 3730
Continuous revolution r/min 1000
Min. operating speed (steady-state) r/min 350
Under the operating condition of continuous power Fuel thermal efficiency g/kW.h 40%
Specific oil consumption g/kW.h 0.5
Mean effective pressure MPa 1.65
Mean speed of piston m/s 10.7
Exhaust gas temperature (after the turbo) ℃ 620
Smoke intensity FSU ≤0.5
Noise dB(A) ≤120
Emission g/Nm³ 0.5g/Nm³
Direction of rotation Counterclockwise (face the flywheel end)
Type of fuel Natural gas, marsh gas
Cooling mode Forced cooling
Lubrication mode Pressure lubrication
Starting mode Air motor
Overall size (l×b×h) mm 5748×2238×3255 6748×2353×3255

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