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Fuel gas type:

Natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, oil field gas

Genset acceptable working conditions:

Ambient temperature:  0°C ~ +40°C

Relative humidity: Lower than 90% (20°C)

Altitude: Lower than 500m, if more than 500m, every increase 100m, the power decrrease 1%

Genset power output rated under the conditions:

Atmospheric Pressure: 100kPa, Ambient Temp: 20°C, Relative Humidity: 30%


Standard Scope of Supply:

1.Brand new gas engine, 90% parts from Cummins engine body such as crank shaft, cam shaft, piston, cylinder head;

2.Brand new brushless alternator Rating: 3 phases 4 lines. 400/230V, 50 HZ , 1500rpm, 0.8PF, IP22-23, Insulation class H;

3.Radiator for 40°C/50°C ambient temperature;

4.Ignition system adopted USA ALTRONIC;

5.Emergency stop mounted;

6.Battery,Battery cable and Battery charger;

7.Standard tool box;

8.Standard Accessory for installation (include bellows,silencer,flange,asbestos pad,Anti-rust water,screw )

9.Gas Train include Regulator valve,Electromagnetic Valve, Fire arrestor,Ball Valve


Easy accesible and easy servicable using international recognized brands

Specially designed Air/Gas mixer for working with fluctating heatvalues in the gas

Compact CHP units with Heat exchangers and Pumps

High Quality durable components used

this is a typical containerized unit for medium size gensets


  1. AEM-CANDA gas gensets are developed and researched on the basis of Cummins engines under license and authorization from Cummins China. 80% of the parts and components for the AEM-CAMDA biogas gensets are same as standard Cummins diesel engines parts. Customers may choose to source the spare parts from local Cummins agent or from AEM-CAMDA local agent thus assuring low cost and high redundancy.

  2. For our ignition system, we use original America Altronic, thus ensuring the highest accuracy and quality.

  3. Our research and develop of the used spark plugs, has increased the lifetime to between 3000 Hrs to 8000 Hrs. depending on the gas quality (Specially the contents of H2S.

  4. For our gas intake system, we use the world most advanced solenoid valve like German Dungs and  Italian Elektrogas. These solenoid valves will open gradually and fast shut-off

  5. For our speed governing system, we use the GAC speed governor and actuator from Switzerland, this system is more stable and reliable, it can react very fast when the load increase or decrease. The German MAN gas engine also use this system.

  6. The Air/Gas mixer employs our own developed automatic air-fuel ratio system which ensure fully automatic control and adjustment when the methane contents (or heat value) of the gas change.